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Justice, which gives every one his due, is the pivot on which turn the virtues of religion, piety, obedience, gratitude, truthfulness, friendship, and many more.

The Hebrew name for heaven is thought to be derived from a word meaning "on high"; accordingly, heaven would designate the upper region of the world.In the higher perfection ofsouls already purified and firmly united with God, prudence knows nothing but what it beholds in God ; temperance ignores earthly desires;fortitude knows nothing ofpassions ; justice is bound to the Divinemind by a perpetual compact to do as it does.This degree of perfection belongs to theblessed in heaven or to a few of the most perfect in this life.Thus the Divine mind itself is the type of prudence ; God using all things to minister to His glory is the type of temperance, by which man subjects his lower appetites to reason ; justice is typified by God's application of theeternal law to all His works; Divine immutability is the type of fortitude.

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And, since it isman's nature to live insociety, the fourcardinal virtues are social [ politicae ] virtues, inasmuch as by themman rightly ordains his conduct in daily life.

Man, however, must raise himself beyond his natural life unto a life Divine: `Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect' (Matthew ).

Mr Van Leeuwen was appointed Consul-General in Toronto of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2013.… continue reading »

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What I found when I interviewed a lot of daters (more than 100, plus 50 industry executives) is that people tended to be moving from one relationship to the next a lot faster than they seemed to before online dating existed.… continue reading »

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