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Eyes On Hives: App uses real-time analytics to monitor beehive health Liberty-loving humans may not like the idea of mass surveillance, but for the embattled bees, technology that monitors their numbers may help in the epic fight against colony collapse disorder.Call to regulate manuka honey ‘theft’ Unethical practices by beekeepers who install hives on land in the vicinity of manuka is basically theft, says Victor Goldsmith, chairman of a number of East Coast land trusts.

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This allows members and fans to easily communicate with each other and share experience and ideas. Unique Israeli research reveals why honeybees are dying Unique Israeli research reveals why honeybees are dying Fewer wildflower choices thwart bees’ natural inclination to choose a balanced diet and they suffer cognitively from lack of omega-3 acids.Insects like flies, beetles, butterflies, moths - and even wasps - are just as important in pollinating flowers.